How do I use Serato Live Playlists to autopush tracks to Twitter?

TunePushr allows users to pull in their tunes as played live when used in conjunction with Serato’s Live Playlist feature. When activated, TunePushr pings every few seconds to check for new tunes and then pulls them into your Track Manager. If Autopush is activated, the track will then be pushed to your composer and the countdown to push will begin.

Setting up Serato Live Playlists in Serato Scratch Live, Itch & DJ

First of all, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to enable the Live Playlist Plugin. This is in Setup > Expansion Packs. Make sure Enable Serato Playlists & Enable Live Playlists are both checked.


Once enabled, the History feature will be enabled, along with the live playlist button. Open your History, and hit Start Live Playlist.



After you acknowledge the Performance Warning…



… your web browser will open to to initiate your playlist.

After hitting Continue, you’ll be viewing your playlist on By default, live playlists are Private, and need to be made public so that TunePushr can see them.

Hit the Edit Details button to get to the edit details screen. Here, you can set the playlist to Public. Choose the public radio button and hit Save Changes.



You’re now ready to start sending your session to TunePushr!


Setting up TunePushr to receive a list playlist from

TunePushr needs one thing to receive your live playlist – Your username. If you signed up to, you would have chosen your username at that point. If you logged in before you started your Live playlist, your playlist would be assigned to that username.


Finding your username

if you don’t know your username, you can find it in the URL of your live playlist. The live playlist URL is structured as such:[username]/live

For example, the Username here is Mr_Brainz


Enter your Username into TunePushr

Your username can be added in the Settings tab with the main app. Just enter it in the correlating field and hit Save.


Autoupdating your Live Playlist

To activate autoupdates, just hit the switch on the top of the Now Playing box.


If you want to Autopush on every new track update, just make sure you’ve got the Autopush button selected on the top of the Push Composer.